Payroll Deduction Benefits

The elevated costs of benefits are a true factor many employers must face. Many employees are starting to take a strong look to the company they work for in providing them with payroll deduction benefits that will protect their families from financial risk. Thus, employers must offer a wide array of voluntary benefits to meet the ever changing needs of the employee. Many employers are starting to realize that by offering these programs they are increasing employee satisfaction-while not having the burden themselves with paying the bill. In a competitive business market it is now apparent that you must offer a menu of benefits where employees may choose from a variety of programs at group rates that will meet every individuals goals of protecting their families income. E-Insurance Online offers exceptional customer service, top notch products, and the expertise you will need to implement such employee benefit programs.

With the addition of our payroll deduction benefits division, E-Insurance Online is now able to offer the best rates on all cafeteria style programs for your business. All of your employees will now be able to take advantage of both pre tax and post tax benefits that only executives of large companies were used in days of the past. Programs such as short term disability, long term disability, term life insurance, universal life insurance, long term care insurance, accident insurance, and cancer insurance programs. If your company has 100 or 40,000 employees, there are a wide variety of benefits available to you. Get on the cutting edge of the voluntary benefits market and allow us to help you pick the options that help your employee's bottom line.

E-Insurance Online's variety of products and excellent customer service are here to stay. First contact to the implementation of your new payroll deduction benefits program--we provide full assistance and support. You will never feel as though you are being pressured, and you will always be given complete and accurate information the first time around. We are here to help your organization grow in the right direction. We are committed to offering a complete benefits package to your employee-which in the end shows you how valuable they truly are.

E-Insurance Online takes our consulting services very seriously. We strive to make sure our customer's needs are being met on a daily basis. Make your company's benefits package a source of pride rather than a point of contention. Call one of our helpful and knowledgeable professionals today at 800-554-9142 for more information.

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