Short Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is ideal for those who have gaps in their comprehensive regular coverage. It is not, however, meant to be a substitute for full major medical coverage. There would be a great many reasons why you need this type of policy, between jobs, on strike, or waiting for a new policy to kick in, short-term health insurance plans can see you through the waiting period. There are many things to consider when purchasing a short-term health policy.

First off, most short-term health plans are classified as indemnity plans. As such, they will cover you in the event of an emergency or major hospitalization, but won't necessarily pay the same dividends when it comes to the smaller items you are probably use to, such as Dr. visit copy, preventive care, and full prescription programs. Many short-term policyholders are surprised to find that they themselves must bear the full cost of simple care such as a routine checkup or exam. These short-term health plans by no means should substitute full major medical coverage. Please use these policies as a gap for your next permanent policy.


A short-term plan is designed with a stopgap coverage theory. Therefore there are often many term limits that are strictly enforced by the insurer. These may range anywhere from a month or two to an entire year depending on the specific policy. There are still a great many ways to extend your coverage.

One of the best points to short-term student health insurance policies is that many are in fact renewable. So long as you remain enrolled in your program for up to a month after graduation you may continue to receive benefits. In most cases you can extend that coverage for another three months. Insurers know that many students who are enrolled in their universities' health insurance programs will soon have coverage through their employers. It is a very smart choice to extend your coverage for those three months until you find and individual policy that meets your needs, or find a job that offers your comprehensive group benefits.

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