Voluntary Benefits

With E-Insurance online, employees can choose from a wide array of voluntary benefits supported by a comprehensive service delivery platform. Today we are a leading force in the voluntary marketplace--offering you a wide array of the most popular products--supported by our full-service delivery platform. Our philosophy is to offer the provider that is best in industry for that category. Our voluntary products and our third-party products are widely recognized as the best in class.

E-Insurance Online offers the largest variety of voluntary benefits products today. With our excellent customer service and knowledge of the marketplace we can help. From the moment you first contact us about these programs--whether it is via our online application or over the telephone--to the issuance of the policy, we give you full customer service. We are all about giving accurate information that will help and not hinder your current situation. We offer voluntary products including group universal life, voluntary permanent life, term life insurance, hospital confinement indemnity, short term disability, long term disability, accidental supplemental insurance, critical care insurance, and cancer insurance.

Voluntary benefits have many advantages. One of the most prevalent to an employer would be the simple fact that there are no employer premium costs. These benefits are a great way to provide employees with the benefits they want and need with little or no premium cost to the company. Enhanced benefit programs give employees the access to a greater array of benefits that they can choose from, based on their individual needs. Strong employee benefits packages have lower employee turnover and find it easier to attract prospects looking for employment, thus you will have a higher employee retention rate. This is critical when the employment pool is reduced due to high levels of competition. By utilizing group rates the purchasing power of your group, the employees get access to benefits at low group rates. Additionally, favorable underwriting comes into play when disability coverage and life insurance are extremely difficult to find on an individual basis if the insured has a less than favorable medical history. These products have simplified underwriting requirements or in many cases are guaranteed issue.

At E-Insurance Online, our consulting services are free--in fact, we save our customers money through proven methodologies. In addition, we offer the personal touch of outstanding customer service. Just call up one of our helpful professionals today at 800-554-9142 and let him or her assist you with any concerns you have.

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